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Hey There

Have you ever wanted to learn about tarot? Have you ever picked up a deck and wondered what to do with it? Do you already have a tarot deck but not sure  if you are getting the right information? Here is a class that will help answer your questions weather you are a beginner or have some experience .

What to Expect in Class

Our class “Reading Tarot Intuitively“ is curriculum designed to teach anyone how to read Tarot cards. Whether you are completely inexperienced, have some knowledge of Tarot, or have done readings before, this class will review everything you need, from a brief history of Tarot, the structure of the deck, and the story behind the cards, to the best way to get acquainted with the meanings and the readings. Sheryl will even explain some of the myths and mysteries behind the magic of the cards. From this class, you will be prepared to go forward more confidently with your interactions and reading of the cards for yourself and your friends. This class is approximately 2.5 hours and costs $75 to register.



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