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You probably know your sun sign or zodiac sign, but do you know your rising sign, moon sign, or what these are? Astrology is the study of celestial bodies and their effects on us and the earth we live on. This class will help you understand the basics of Astrology and natal charts and what they mean for you.

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First of all ,everyone knows their Zodiac sign – also known as their Sun Sign – but do you know what it means? What is a Rising Sign or a Moon Sign and why are they important? Why is Mercury in retrograde a bad thing? “Astrology Basics” will teach you about these and the other components of Zodiac Signs, Natal Charts, the Planets, and what they all mean for you. Find out why you ARE the center of your universe! You will be able to read personality and behavior traits by knowing how the planetary positions and the zodiac affect everyone’s lives from when they are born to where we are today.  This class is approximately 1.5 hours and $50 to register. 



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