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Hey There

We all have what is called life energy, but don't often use it in a practical sense. Reiki is the channeling of life energy, and In this class you will you will learn how to use your energy to help soothe depression, be less anxious, have a deeper sense of relaxation, and feel better as a whole.

What to Expect in the Class

In this class you will learn the basic skills of reiki including how to start your own reiki business. This course talks about the history of reiki and covers techniques to further your practice along with all of the skills that you will to build your own spiritual arsenal 

Crystal Wrapping

As well as reiki Kris also offers crystal wrappings. The cost of the wrappings will depend on the size of the stone . A typical price is $25-35

Private Reiki Sessions

Kris also does private sessions on request.  The sessions are $100/per hr. Just give them a ring!!

Hi I'm Kris

I’ve been practicing Reiki since September of 2010. I enrolled in my first Reiki I and II classes to help my physical therapy patients. I’m also a Physical Therapist, Animal Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Wound Specialist, and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. I became a Reiki Master in July of 2011 and have continued my Reiki education to include becoming a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master in March of 2015. I am dedicated to educating and practicing Reiki on each and every person.

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