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June in Review!

This month we saw many new and exciting items come through our doors. For those who don't follow our social media, we'll start you off with this month's Rock of the Week and New Thing Thursday. We also had a busy time with our various classes in the learning center!

Just a note, we will be closed July 3rd and 4th for the holiday, our staff looks forward to serving you during our regular hours July 5th.


Rock of the Week

  • Brucite: assists in breaking away from what is outgrown, leading to "Aha!" moments

  • Tibetan Black Quartz: protection and purification, aids in meditation,

  • Morganite: Soothing to the soul and supports the Heart Chakra

  • Azurite: can give greater emotional insight

New Thing Thursday

Here are just a few things we highlighted this month:

  • candle collection

  • organic soy jar candles

  • crystal trees

  • crystal balls

  • dragon figurines


Classes you may have missed:

June 4th:

Our certified Tarot educator, Sheryl, taught another wonderfully informative Tarot class.

June 10. 11. 12th:

Our resident Reiki Master, Kris Valentine, hosted her Advanced & Master Reiki courses

June 18th:

Saw the return of our Crystals 101 course, also taught by Sheryl.


Don't miss these upcoming classes:

July 9. 10th:

July 16th:

July 30th:

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